What's a Sewbie?

Ever since I have been sewing, I have always had a “something” sitting with me on my sewing machine, as I sewed.  It has changed and been added to   over the years.  First, it was a penny,-- pennies are special to me- for me, they represent my son, Jesse- my very own Angel in Heaven!  Then I added a butterfly -small patch, my sewing teacher gave me.  For me, they all represent a piece of me through my journey in life…  

Now that I am sober, and I sew- (LOL- get it? Sew-bie--), which is a HUGE part of my recovery, I was fooling around with making these small felties- if you will.  They are each different, some have wording, some don’t and then one day I added one to my “collection”, I guess it changes as to what is sitting on my sewing machine, but they are all right there, in a small dish, included also is my current chip.  Of course they needed a name- and it was my husbands creativity that came up with Sewbie! - I am sober, and I sew!- LOL- Sewbie! I just love it! 

When I glance at them, they remind me of my life’s ever changing journey…  

What will yours represent? 

Carol xo

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