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Hi!  I’m Carol and I am the Sober Sewist!  I am so happy you are here…  Just a bit about me-  I grew up in the restaurant business, so it was natural for me to dive right in!  You are probably asking me- what does this have to do with sewing- AND being sober- LOL it doesnt, really- I just want you to get to know me just a bit… I, myself love to find out how a person creates- it always tells a story, and 32 years later-4 company owned diners, a tavern and a cafe-- a couple of husbands, children and life- here I am! 

 I have been sewing for about 5+ years- I fell in love with it- real hard.  Taking quite a few one on one classes, (thank you Doris)  I could never figure out why all these women owned more than 1 sewing machine! When I asked them- they just laughed and said “You will find out” Well--  is that the truth!  My first machine is my Babylock Sofia 2- I will NEVER give that machine up- (I did once- for a week- another story!) - its perfect to take on retreats, and when my embroidery machine is pumping out stitches!   At some point I took a beginner machine embroidery class with my babylock--  YIKES! I got the bug real bad!  Then i needed a bigger hoop- which meant a bigger machine, and so on and so on… I went from going through a few different types of Pfaff machines… but my heart is really with my original Babylock-- so these days you will mostly see me on my new Babylock Solaris embroidering and my Babylock Sofia-- either ITH (in the hoop) projects, piecing a quilt or my new obsession- making bags!  And- if you do follow me- you will hear about my day to day and how to cope with being sober and that new journey I am on.  

The fabric--picking and matching colors and thread- there is nothing better to me- I LOVE it!  

S0- come with me- and follow my story and travels on Instagram- did I mention I am also a big Foodie?  Oh boy-- here I go….

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